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High altitude, hands-off, naturally farmed grapes. We produce small batches of single cultivar wines and unique terroir expressive blends. In the spirit of working with nature, we embrace old world wine making techniques such as natural and whole bunch fermentation,  basket pressing, manual pump overs and gentle maturation in older French oak.

Sluit aan by ons nuusbrief om eerste van nuwe vrystellings te hoor.

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Ancient milling methods. Zero chemical input. Wholesome whole grains - nothing added, nothing lost - for chefs, bakers, brewers or animal farmers looking for nutrition, quality and unbelievable taste profiles in their staples. 

Ons verbou en maal 'n verskeidenheid graan volgens die oudste metodes: minimum bewerking, organiese insette en 'n klipmeul - om heilsame volgrane van die plaas na die tafel, bierbeker en voerbak te bring. 



Animals are an integral part of our system. When farmed correctly and humanely, animals are indispensable in producing fertility and sequestering carbon. We integrate Bonsmara beef cattle, sheep, goats and pigs into our field rotations. You can order meat directly from us over here.



Fatty, sweet, certified organic, export quality pecan nuts. We offer shelled mammoth halves and pieces for baking. We harvest in July and shell in September. 


We grow organic vegetables, mainly for the export market, with seasonal availability in South Africa (January to March).