We believe skills development in agriculture is crucial and we have various initiatives in place. Besides creating a melting pot of people from various cultural backgrounds where we can all learn from each other and grow, we believe the playing field in agriculture needs to be levelled and barriers to entry lowered, and we hope to help achieve this goal on Lowerland.

Future Farmers is an apprenticeship system that helps provide platforms for young men and women to qualify as farm managers and hopefully become farm owners in due course. They place candidates on South African farms and send suitable candidates for a year’s internship abroad. Read more about their fantastic work here.

The Department of Agriculture runs a practical skills development program for graduates in agricultural studies. We place several interns on Lowerland and create learning and skills development opportunities for them, while we benefit from their different perspectives and the pressure taken off our wage bill through the funding of their salaries.

Students: We place at least one student intern per year on Lowerland for a year of practical work experience necessary to obtain their qualifications. To apply for a year of practical study on Lowerland, please download and complete the application form here and submit via email.

  • A note to fellow farmers: We receive hundreds of applications from students who need practical work experience to complete their studies. If you have an opening or two for interns or Future Farmer candidates, please get in touch so that we can link you to the organisations or possible candidates.

International interns: We place international interns for short stay learning experiences as the opportunities arise. To apply for a few months’ work experience on Lowerland, complete the application form here and email it to us.

Study abroad opportunities: We are working on a partnership with Q-Cape, the importers of our pumpkins to the Netherlands, to create opportunities for studies abroad for suitable candidates from Lowerland or one of our partners. Q-Cape are also helping with funds to upgrade our accommodation facilities so that together, we can create more work and learning opportunities in a region that desperately needs it.

SEESA Skills Training: We are members of the Seesa Skills Training programme to provide more opportunities for our staff to upskill themselves through short accredited short courses and training.