Met koedoes wat die lote top, bakoorjakkalse en uile vir pesbeheer, Bonsmara-mis en pekandoppe vir bemesting, veldgras vir 'n deklaag en die visarend se skrou as agtergrondmusiek kan 'n wingerd nie vir beter terroir vra nie. Voeg hierby die koel Oranjerivierbriesie en die vars, droë Karoolug en jy het 'n swamvrye, natuurlik gesonde wingerd wat topklas wyndruiwe produseer in harmonie met die natuur.

We follow a hands-off approach in our certified organic vineyards. Some cow manure, gypsum and mulch feed the soil and guano is applied as foliar spray during the growing season. Mulching and allowing natural succession to do its thing has seen a cover crop of native grasses return to nourish and protect the soil from the harsh Northern Cape sun. Our dry climate is favourable for producing disease-free grapes without the need for fungicides or pesticides.  

Our high altitude (1,000m above sea level) and desert climate (warm days and cool nights) creates a unique terroir for grapes with compact berries, deep, complex fruit and a fresh, natural acidity.



We specialise in small batches of alternative varietals and unique terroir-expressive blends. In the spirit of working with nature, we embrace old world wine making techniques such as natural fermentation, wholebunch fermentation,  basket pressing, manual pumpovers and gentle maturation in older French oak.

Our vines were planted in 1999 as a passion project for Hennie, whose Stellenbosch wine-loving roots and pioneering spirit led him to plant small blocks of cabernet, merlot, shiraz, petit verdot, tannat, viognier and colombard. Small batches of Bordeaux and Rhône style blends have been produced since 2006 in collaboration with various winemaker friends in the Cape Winelands.

The first single cultivar wines under the Lowerland label were produced in 2013. In 2015, we registered Prieska as a wine producing region to hail a new era for wines from the Northern Cape. We are collaborating with talented, innovative winemakers to bring exciting, quality wines of origin Prieska to your glass.


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