Ons visie is om 'n mandjie vol natuurlike, voedsame en heilsame produkte te produseer deur saam met die natuur te werk. Diversiteit in die mandjie weerspieël biodiversiteit op die plaas, van die grondlewe tot die plante, mense en filosofieë waarmee ons boer. Ons neem die mandjie reguit na die verbruiker om dit so toeganklik en bekostigbaar as moontlik te maak.

Our vision is to produce a basket full of natural, nutritious and wholesome products by working with nature. Diversity in the basket reflects biodiversity and health of the soil and the farm. We bring this basket straight to the consumer to make it as accessible and affordable as possible.

We strive to farm sustainably and regeneratively with a focus on perennial species. We also want to explore and demonstrate resilient solutions, on a small and large scale, to agricultural issues in the context of climate change and geopolitical challenges.

We want to contribute to social and environmental regeneration through creating a safe, prosperous and environmentally regenerative farm which serves this and future generations. We hope to inspire, teach and capacitate others to do the same, while contributing to a healthy food system.

We are working to establish water, soil and fertility systems that are stabilised and continuously improving so that plant succession, ecosystems and ethical domestic animal systems can flourish.


Our perennials, grains and vegetable crops are certified organic since 2016 and we harvested our first certified organic grains in 2018 - a landmark after the three year conversion process! We are slowly converting more of our fields to organic practices.

We are passionate about skills development, equal opportunities and positive partnerships. We are members and adhere to the production and labour standards of SEESA, SIZA (The Sustainability Initiative of South Africa) and Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice).